*Time*: 1430 – 1730
(Take Attendance by 1415 outside BB Admin Room)
*Date*: 4th January 2019
*Attire*: BB Day Dress
*Officer IC*
Mr Jarrell Lau
*Parade Sergeant Major(PSM)*:
SGT Luke Tan
1430 – Fall In & Inspection
1500 – Briefing/Setup
1600 – Standby
1630 – CCA OpenHouse Begins
1730 – CCA OpenHouse Ends
1735 – Debrief & Clean Up
1745 – Fall Out

First Aid Course

Date:             1 & 2 November 2018
Time:             9.00am to 5.00pm (Both Days)
Venue:           Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)
                      60 Barker Rd, Singapore 309919
Please refer to the consent form for more details.

National Day Parade 2018

People who are involved in NDP:
CC: SGT Evan Chong 3G2
Reserve CC: SGT Joseph Lee 3L
Main Contingent:
1. CPL Samuel Tang 2A
2. CPL Caleb Khoo 2A
3. CPL Samuel Chan 2A
4. CPL John Ho 2B
5. CPL Ethan Choo 2B
6. CPL Kieran Ho 2C
7. CPL Matthew Tang 2C
8. CPL Joel Sim 2L
9. LCP Christopher Yan 2M
10. CPL Tristan Chan 2M
11. CPL Ian Lim 2N
12. CPL Gabriel Tee 2N
13. CPL Jasper Leong 2T
14. SGT Timothy Yan 3A1
15. SGT Nigel Choe 3A1
16. CPL Raphael Lau 3A1
17. CPL Joel Lee 3H1
18. SGT Theodore Lim 3H1
19. SGT Matthew Eng 3H2
20. SGT Caius Ong 3S2
21. SGT Zachary Tan 3S1
Main Contingent Reserve:
1. CPL Kesler Tan 2C
2. CPL Isaiah See Toh 2N
3. CPL Edson Poon 2L
Juniors CC: SGT Luke Tan 3G2
Reserve Juniors CC: SGT Matthew Cheong 3S1
Flag Bearer: SGT Ashley Cheong 3S1
Flag Escort: SGT Ethan Cheah 3L
Flag Escort Reserve: SGT Zachary Pang 3A2
Mace Bearer: SGT Brennan Chin 3G1
1. SGT Marcus Chung 3S1
2. CPL Ian Chia 2A
3. CPL Ethan Wong 2L
4. CPL Benjamin Loke 2A
5. CPL Ryan Chan 2B
6. CPL Aiken Ng 2B
7. LCP Theodore Leo 1N
1. SGT Nigel Choe 3A1
2. CPL Zachary Cheong 2B
3. CPL Johnson Hung 2L
1. LCP Zachary Leong 1S