About Us


The 12th Company (Barker Road) was established in 1994. It  started when a new lease of life was given to the Barker Road Campus after major renovations and a face lift made way for a new full school. The vision was to start a BB company in the school. This vision was spearheaded by Mr Tye Yew Meng from the BB Headquarters. The vision became a reality when the initiative received the blessing from the principal, Mr Ng Eng Chin.

Since then, The Boy’s Brigade in ACS (BR) has grown over the years, reaching a peak strength of over a 100 members from the period 2005 to 2007. The Boys’ Brigade in ACS (Barker Road) continues to provide a fun, wholesome and exciting program for the Boys. This is done so that they may grow in stature and character, as well as be enriched and fulfilled during their years in ACS (BR). Apart from the usual activities such as Drill, which is found in most Uniformed Groups,  some of the highlights in the Boy’s Brigade here in ACS (Barker Road) includes, Paintball, Dragon boating, Rock Climbing, Lan Gaming, Water bomb and Laser Tag.


In the Boys’ Brigade here at 12th (BR), we organise at least 3 main camps each year. The camps are:

The Target Award and Awards Camp, The Company Camp, and The Leadership Training Camp.

The Target Award Camp is a camp for new recruits and it instils into each of them the core value and tradition of The Boys’ Brigade and how the BB is being managed. During this camp, the new recruits would have to sit for a promotions test before they can qualify to move up to the rank of Private. The test comprises of knowing basic BB knowledge taught to them during the Target Award Badge lessons. Amongst other things, these would include the BB Vesper and Table Grace.

The Awards camp usually runs concurrently with the Target Award Camp. It is for present members of the brigade. The camp covers various badge work, such as, First Aid and Drill

The Company Camp , a “FUN” camp whereby the company members bond with one another through various fun and interactive activities. A key activity is the Amazing Race, where BB boys are divided into groups. Each group will be given a Clue Sheet and the boys have to decipher the clues and race to different stations over the island to fulfil the requirements of the race. It is through games like this that builds up team spirit and cooperation. The Company camp is managed largely by the Secondary Twos, the next-in-line to run the company. The BB Officers will be watching over this group of potential leaders and talent scout them based on their strengths.

The Leadership Training Campor more commonly known as The “LTC” is a camp where discipline, teamwork and leadership are the key priorities for reinforcement. Here, the officers stress this very thoroughly, as each member of the Brigade is trained for leadership, both intellectually and physically. All BB boys are required to go for this camp if they so wish to be promoted. But the best of it all is that, after one goes through the training at LTC, one would have learned to be more responsible and learned to have a good sense of time management.


To be the Youth Organisation of Choice.


To nurture Youth, based on Christian values, to lead and serve.


We are First for Youth

We provide fun, meaningful and challenging activities.

We are committed to serve the community.

We are served and led by volunteers.

We are enterprising, in tune with our changing world.

We actively engage our stakeholders.

We are a Christian organisation, for all Youth.


School: Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)

Teacher/s In-Charge:

Mr Alexis Ho

Mrs Low Hei Chin

Mdm Dawn Teo

Mdm Jeanette Wee

Mr Low Seow Boon

Sponsoring Church: Barker Road Methodist Church

Captain: Mr Samuel Tay

Chaplain: Reverend Dr Chiu Ming Li

Commanding Officer: Mr Darren Huang


Company Sergeant Major: Warrant Officer Lee Tee Hong,Samuel

Deputy Company Sergeant Major: Warrant Officer Wesford Goh

Band Sergeant Major: Warrant Officer Ethan Lock

Juniors Company Sergeant Major: Warrant Officer Evan Lim Shouwang

Charlie Wing Commander: Staff Sergeant Samuel Lee

Delta Wing Commander: Staff Sergeant Benjamin Choa

Awards NCO: Staff Sergeant Jerrett Koe Yi Yang

Admin NCO:  Warrant Officer Michael Koh

Publications NCO: Sergeant Yu Dong En

Quartermaster NCO: Sergeant Daniel Wei Merrow Smith

Christian Education/Worship NCO: Warrant Officer Ryan Chan(Rip SGT Keane Lee)

Welfare NCO: Staff Sergeant Joshua Sy

Squad Sergeant C1: Staff Sergeant Ryan Chan

Squad Sergeant C2: Staff Sergeant Chiang Qin Kang

Squad Sergeant C3: Staff Sergeant Brandon Lee

Squad Sergeant D1: Staff Sergeant Wong Jun Ying

Squad Sergeant D2: Staff Sergeant Ryan David See

Squad Sergeant D3: Staff Sergeant Ernest Choo